What we do and why

AES is an independent day special school registered with the Department for Education  supporting students aged from 7-14 (Y3-Y9), both with and without Education, Health and Care Plans- EHCP, to both remain in and engage with education in order for them to achieve their potential. We also provide educational support for students who are excluded from school for longer than 5 days (Day 6 provision).

What do you provide for students?

SHADOWSCIENCE 016All support work and success criteria are agreed with the commissioner prior to entry which supports accountability. We provide a personalised holistic curriculum built around their learning levels, profile of SEN and learning styles.

Experienced, qualified staff who are used to working with students who can be ‘challenging’ and who are unwilling to engage in education at present. Each student receives an allocated keyworker with whom the student builds a trusting relationship which will give them the confidence to move from their comfort zone and begin to see themselves as learners again. We provide a wide range of resources to meet the needs of a wide range of learners, from those acquiring reading skills to those undertaking end of Key Stage exams. We also provide students with educational trips and a free hot meal at lunchtime.

We have a proven track record of successfully re-including students into both mainstream and special provision. Some of our ex-students had been excluded from more than one provision and had consequently missed large parts of their education before being referred to us.

Each student receives a comprehensive suite of academic, psychological and social-emotional assessments on entry and throughout the placement to ensure work is pitched appropriately and progress is rigorously monitored. All data is fedback to the commissioner and parents/carers. This enables us to demonstrate our value-added contribution and you as commissioners to justify the validity of the placement.

We understand that the students referred to us often have a variety of contextual needs which can inhibit them from fully engaging with education at present. Accordingly, we provide consistent and ongoing assessment and support aimed at developing key aspects of the student’s social and emotional skills which underpin their resilience e.g. problem solving, locus of control and coping efficacy. This way, the student can develop the social and emotional skill sets which enable them to engage more constructively with education.

The centre provides a safe, secure environment with clear routines and boundaries with the inbuilt flexibility to respond to a wide range of pupil needs effectively and professionally.

Why should I choose AES?

There are many independent provisions who will happily take your pupils and attempt to occupy them during the school day. After comprehensively and consistently researching this field we believe that a number of key selling points set us apart.
  1. Our commitment to accountability. As a commissioner you want to be assured that you are receiving value for money. Accordingly, we agree outcomes for the placement with you prior to the student starting. This provides transparency and allows you to hold us to account for the progress your students are making.
  2. We provide comprehensive and regular reporting to enable us to demonstrate our impact. We will provide you with a variety of appropriate and helpful paperwork to ensure you are kept informed of what your students have been taught and what has been the impact of this. This will include entry and exit assessments, weekly work records, termly IEP’s and termly summative assessment reports. If there is additional information you require, please let us know and we will be happy to provide this.
  3. Support for transitions. Our staff are available to support either the re-inclusion process or the transition process to a new placement. We share our expertise and experience of what has worked for the student with staff and we will visit the school with the pupil in order to be a point of contact for them in the early stages of any re-inclusion process.
  4. Support for parents/carers. We seek to build and maintain strong and productive links with the home context to support the change process for the student. From the initial meeting with staff, to being invited to sit in on particular sessions to being given help and advice on developing their child’s potential, parents/carers will feel supported and part of the team. Parents also receive termly reports on their child’s progress, half termly drop-ins, termly IEP’s and an annual report on the performance of the school explaining how we provide value for money.
  5. Our placement costs are highly competitive and include breakfast and lunch. We can also supply transport escorts if required.
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