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Welcome to Applied Educational Solutions. We are a small independent school based in Enfield supporting students from Y3-Y9 who are currently finding main stream school challenging for a variety of reasons. I am both a teacher and an educational psychologist and have visited many types of schools during my career, including those classed as “alternative educational providers.” It was during my visits to such settings, often to monitor the progress of a vulnerable student there, that I began to notice a pattern in terms of ineffective provision. Students were not being academically challenged, were not being supported to reflect on and attempt more productive behaviours, were not having their often negative views positively challenged and there was little attempt by the setting to try to understand “why this child, why now.” Accordingly, students often went to such settings with low self- esteem, low academic levels and a belief that education was not for them. Sadly, they all too often left feeling the same way.

I became tired of reporting back how little progress these students were making in what were often expensive settings. So I decided the best option was to open a school myself and try to make a positive change in students’ lives by avoiding the mistakes and poor practice I had witnessed. I felt that I could apply sound educational and psychological practice to meet the needs of these students who are vulnerable to underachievement and, with a group of like-minded and well qualified people working with me, we could transform the lives of these students. We could also do this whilst showing value for money. The successes we have had, which are detailed in part on this website, are a testament to the belief and passion myself and my colleagues have in believing that every student wants to learn and every student deserves a second chance.

I hope you enjoy the website and if you would like to ask any questions, share a skill you think may benefit our students (subject to relevant DBS and safer recruitment processes) or are considering using our services, please do get in touch.

Kind regards,
Chris O’Nions CPsychol, AFBPsS

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